Here we see the heresy of Universal Salvation

   and the heresy of Ecumenism defined in practice.

  Universal Salvation and Ecumenism deny the very

basic tenants of Biblical Orthodoxy



Bishop Brian J. Kennedy, O.S.B.

Holy Trinity Celtic Orthodox Church,

Toledo, Ohio



           The Archbishop of Calcutta (India), Henry D’Couzas, admitted that in

            1997, just prior to her death at age 87, the worlds most famous

            nun, the almost universally admired Mother Theresa, had an exorcism

            performed on her to cast out devils.  The exorcism took place, said

            the Archbishop, in a hospital, at the request of Mother Theresa.  She

            had been having trouble sleeping, he said, and was afraid she was

            possessed. (See The Fayetteville Observer, Sept. 6, 2001; and The

            Gospel Catholic, Raleigh, NC 27012). If Mother Theresa was, in fact,

            possessed by devils, that would explain why she had repeatedly told

            Hindus they did not need to convert to Jesus to go to heaven.  Their

            own Hindu gods and goddesses were sufficient.


            Once, when asked why God allowed so much human pain and suffering on

            planet earth, Mother Theresa sarcastically replied that when she

            eventually died and went to heaven, the first thing she was going to

            say to God was, “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”  



                  Heaven is for All Good People!  In December 2000, the Pope

                  issued a Vatican pronouncement that “Heaven is open to all as

                  long as they are good.” It is not necessary, the Pope added,

                  for the person to believe in Christ, and he/she may be of

                  another, non-Christian religion. The Pope insisted that, “All

                  of the just on earth, including those who ignore Christ, are

                  called upon to build the Kingdom of God.” Interesting. But

                  also a stunning whopper of a lie! The Apostle John said, “The

                  whole world lieth in wickedness.” This means that all who

                  reject Christ are helping to build the wicked kingdom of

                  Satan. Jesus stated, “I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life.”

                  Jesus is our salvation, not the Jewish rabbis, not Islam’s

                  Mohammed, not the Hindu’s Krishna.  Jesus Christ is Lord.


                  And He, Jesus, said that no one is good or just. No one is

                  righteous in themselves.  Instead, a man must be born again in

                  spirit and in truth to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (John 3:3).



                  Heaven and Hell Not Places:  In 1999, Pope John Paul II pleased

                  the devils when he publicly revised and “modernized” the

                  Bible’s ages-old definition of “Heaven.” Heaven, the Pope

                  explained, “is not a physical place.” And Hell? Well,

                  according to the Vatican, Hell is not a physical place either.

                  It’s simply a temporary “separation from God,” chosen by those

                  who choose not to be good.



                 Yoked with Unbelievers:  In January, 2002, the Pope again met

                  at Assissi, Italy with leaders of other religions, including

                  the Hindus, Moslems, Jains, Zoroastrians, Jews, and Buddhists.

                  He encouraged all to work together in harmony for world peace.

                  The Pontiff assured the satanic servants assembled together

                  that, “We have in common worship of the one true God.”


                  Evidently, the Pope overlooked the fact that Hindus worship

                  some three million deities, and that Buddhists and Shintos

                  pray to their dead ancestors. The Pope also must have

                  forgotten the primary law embodied in the first of God’s Ten

                  Commandments: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


                   In September 2013 Pope Francis said even Atheist can make it

                   into heaven if they are good people and act according to their

                   conscience.  All these teachings are abominable heresies as they

                   deny that without Jesus there is no hope for salvation.