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From the blog by Monomakhos


May 20, 2016


By Let Freedom Ring!


As we of the elite class of America consider ourselves to be the best

educated group in the nation, and as we have grown tired of having to

tolerate our intellectual inferiors, we believe the time has come for those

of us of the liberal persuasion to at long last do away with all competition

in political, economic, and social and moral philosophies, and simply take

over the United States. We know what is best for everyone.


From this moment on, unless you agree with us, you will have no right to

speak; you will have no right to think, question, or challenge our

worldviews in any way. From here on, you are to accept the understanding

that we are correct on all issues, and that all opposition is wrong. That

settles it!


Henceforth, the following will become the law of the land:


As all children are considered to be the possession of the State, we will

indoctrinate them on all philosophies, and you as their parents will in no

way attempt to contradict our teachings either at the schools or in your



When we preach Global Warming lessons, you as their parents will accept

them; when we preach abortion, you will not view it as murder; when we

preach toleration for homosexuality, transgenderism, etc., you will embrace

it. Equating pedophilia with perversion, and especially with homosexuality,

is hereby outlawed; the utilization of certain drugs will no longer be



When you go to the polls on Election Day, you will vote for left-wing

candidates and causes, or you will not vote at all. On economic matters,

socialism is in, capitalism is completely out. When we tax you to support

all entitlement programs, you will pay without complaint.


As for your so-called religious liberties, you may keep your religions for

now, this being a major concession on our part, but all faith matters must

be kept private with no public preaching. All sermons must be pre-approved

by the State before being delivered at your churches. As for your children,

however, they will learn a new and different religion, one that is secular.

Their curriculum will include sex education and evolution, as well as others

including those stated above. We will supply your children with

contraceptives, and should any of your daughters become pregnant, we will

see to their abortions, with or without your permission, and with or without

even your knowledge. Should they have inclinations toward homosexuality, we

will provide them the ability to have a sex-change. Again, your permission

and knowledge will be considered unwarranted.


As for the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, all of your freedoms

stated in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, they are all hereby

declared abrogated and replaced with Political Correctness (PC), the new

authority. Gun control will rule the day; the U.S. Constitution be damned!

So you are to turn in those AR-15’s immediately at your local police



Deviating from any of our worldviews will result in lawsuits and/or be

considered crimes against the State leading to fines, imprisonment, and loss

of jobs. Henceforth, we can arrest you, freeze your assets and confiscate

your properties all without warrants, and there will be nothing you can do

about it. At trials, the State will no longer be burdened with having to

prove the guilt of the defendant; rather the defendant will be burdened with

having to prove his or her innocence. But remember, if you are arrested,

chances are that you are indeed guilty; so you may wish to immediately plea

bargain to get the lowest fine and/or prison sentence. This will save us

both a lot of trouble, but should you wish to argue the case, we will throw

the book at you!


Resistance is futile; we can hear every word you say, read every word you

write, and we have the technological firepower to back-up every law we

create. Yes, indeed, Big Brother is watching!